Building Project Update]

May 25, 2016

The Board of Directors is very pleased to announce plans for the Duanesburg Historical Society's Research and Archival Building. It has been our long-term goal to have a building for the artifacts that hold the story of our town's history - artifacts that were scattered about in several locations.

Along the way many things were accomplished to attain this goal. We became a 501c 3 tax exempt organization. We applied for and received a provisional charter from the New York State Department of Education. After many years of looking at older buildings and parcels of land, in 2010 we purchased 3½ acres of land in Quaker Street. And we are now eligible for GE matching gifts. With a board of dedicated directors and faithful members, much has been accomplished.

Our building will house our archives in a safe, secure space with public access that fits within a budget that would allow us to build this facility and sustain it. The Board of Directors believes that they have developed a fiscally sound and realistic plan to go forward. The building will be 38' x 25' 8" and will be built on the south (Quaker Lane) end of the property. It will have an office, archival storage, a research area and a display area along with a service kitchen and a handicapped bathroom. It will reflect an architectural style familiar in the history of our town. Money for the building will be from a portion of our savings and from fund raising.